The Different Types Of Stretch In Denim

The Different Types Of Stretch In Denim

Men’s fashion trends come and go, but a good pair of denim jeans is a staple that can last forever if you know how to hack denim’s stretching capabilities.

Buying a high-quality pair of jeans is an investment.

The last thing you need is to find yourself not being able to wear your trusty pair. Whether your jeans are too tight or too loose, read on for a guide that will help you understand stretch types and get the most out of your favorite pair of jeans.

The Stretch of Synthetic Blends

Synthetic blend denim is the most common option available today.

A blend of cotton and elastic fabrics, like spandex, are woven together to create versatile types of stretch denim fabrics.

These cotton, polyester, and spandex blend jeans come in a variety of denim types and familiar styles. No matter the cut, these jeans are subject to extensive stretching from normal wear and tear.

The good news is that a wash and dry cycle should have your synthetic blend jeans fitting almost like new again. That is why blends with polyester and added elastic are so popular.

Elastic Materials

The elastic additives in the jean’s composition are the secret to them fitting like new.

Just how much your jeans will stretch depends on the amount and type of physical activity you perform while wearing them.

Spandex, elastane, and lycra are the most common additions to cotton when creating a synthetic blend for stretchy jeans that bounce back.

Due to the number of elastic materials in the cotton blend, these jeans will snap back to their original fit faster than raw denim.

However, over time, cotton has a natural tendency to expand. This can be positive if you are looking for a pair of jeans to grow with you.

The Expansion of Cotton Denim

Dyed cotton is the base of most denim types you’ll find in stores today. Cotton has long been used as a fabric for pants because of how it stretches over time.

For children and adolescents, this constant expansion is great because one pair of jeans can develop with them.

For many adults, however, the expansion of cotton can be rather annoying and not cost-effective unless the expansion is your priority.

For those who work a physically demanding job, 100% cotton blend jeans are a great choice because they will hold up to the constant bending, crouching, and stretching that the job demands.

The Fit of Raw Denim

Raw denim doesn’t experience a pre-washing phase before coming on the market. This means the cotton has yet to experience expansion.

The stiff texture of raw denim is what makes it a popular option for formal events.

Unwashed cotton prevents whoever wears the jeans to have much flexibility. This is compensated by raw denim’s durable nature.

For those who work in the elements or with dangerous tools, raw denim is a great choice to stay protected.

Find Your Perfect Pair

Now that you are familiar with denim stretch types and material composition, it’s time to find your perfect pair.

No matter what cut or style you’re looking for, Platini Jeans has a quality design for you.

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