The Best-Fitting Jeans for Your Build

The Best-Fitting Jeans for Your Build

Denim and blue jeans seem to go hand-in-hand, so it may be surprising to learn that most blue jeans are not made of true denim. Denim is short for 'De Nimes', or 'from Nimes'.

Nimes was a city in France that created a type of fabric tough enough to withstand working conditions. The original version, created in the late 1600s, was a combination of wool, silk, and indigo yarn.

Modern cotton jeans were created roughly a century later when cotton became far more available. Thus a fashion staple was born.

Today, you can find jeans in virtually every size in almost every store. How do you find the best-fitting jeans for you, though? We'll talk about that in this article.

A Note on Body Type

To determine the best pair of jeans, you need to ask 'what are the best jeans for my body type'. Whether you're buying a suit, pants, or even a pair of shoes, body type is going to play a role.

For instance, taller and slimmer guys will need a different style of jeans than shorter, stockier guys.

Tall and Thin

Tall, thin guys will often look best in a slim fit. The slim fit is a form-fitting style that contours to the body's shape without looking too skinny or baggy.

Skinny jeans can be an unflattering look because they'll draw too much attention to your body shape and could make you look smaller. Meanwhile, baggy jeans can look like they're hanging off you, which also makes you seem smaller.

Slim fit jeans are the best-fitting jeans for these types of bodies, and you can find these jeans among our new arrivals.


Since "average" is a relative term, we'll be defining it as a 5'9 male (the average male height for the US) weighing between 130 and 160 pounds (based on the healthy BMI for a male of this height).

An average build offers some great advantages when it comes to jeans. Straight jeans and slim jeans are both very flattering choices for someone with an average build. 

Large Build

There are several reasons why someone might have a larger build.

Perhaps they're a bit husky. They could also be athletic and have a good bit of muscle. Maybe they're tall, and naturally a bit bigger as a result.

Whether you're looking for the best jeans for overweight guys or the best jeans for a bodybuilder, we can help.

The best choice for larger men is the classic fit. The classic fit is a style of jeans that falls between slim and baggy. It's a more relaxed fit than slim or straight, without feeling too loose.

The Best-Fitting Jeans for You

What are the best-fitting jeans depends on who you are and how your body is built. While your style ultimately comes down to you, we've offered a few suggestions based on our experiences.

If you would prefer more options or want to know more about clothing and clothing styles please visit our site.  Feel free to browse our whole selection of pants or other clothing.

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