How to Wear Skinny Jeans

How to Wear Skinny Jeans

They're the fashion statement that never fades. 

Skinny jeans have been around for decades, and they don't seem to be disappearing anytime soon. They're worn by actors, rockstars, and the everyday average person. 

Did you know you may be wearing them incorrectly? It's important to pick a pair of jeans that fits you just right, or you could end up feeling extremely uncomfortable. 

Below is a quick guide on how to properly select and wear skinny jeans. We know you already have a few pairs in your closet, so make sure to keep reading. 

Find the Fit

Finding the fit that works for you is crucial when it comes to men's skinny jeans. Not all skinny jeans are created equal.

The first step to finding the right pair is trying them on before you buy. Just because you're a certain size in one brand doesn't mean you'll be that size in all brands. 

Be honest about your size and build when shopping. Many people are afraid to move up a size, but forget about the number. If you aren't able to get a finger or two between the waistband and your stomach, they're too tight. 

If you're a bigger-built guy, try going for a more slim-fitting pair instead of skinny jeans. It'll give the same illusion, but will work better for your build. You should also keep an eye out for something with a higher waist.

Choose the Right Color

We've moved past the stage of neon green and bright red men's skinny fit jeans. It's time to align yourself with the current trends

You can never go wrong with black denim skinny jeans. Black denim is great for looking put together, yet casual. It can also be styled up for a night on the town. 

Darker washes are also great for everyday looks, and they're slimming on fuller figures. Putting together outfits with dark washes is quick and easy. 

If you don't like darker washes, grab a lighter pair of jeans. Find a distressed pair for a stylish, casual look.

Put Together an Outfit

When styling skinny jeans, avoid pairing them with tops that are just as tight. It's best to go with shirts that settle just over the waistband.

Pair the jeans with a simple v-neck and sneakers for a sporty look. Throw on a plain t-shirt layered under a flannel. 

If you want to elevate your look, pair black denim skinny jeans with a longer shirt, a leather jacket, and a pair of dress shoes. Accessorize with a thin chain necklace or a sporty watch

Men's Fashion: How to Select and Style Skinny Jeans

Finding the right pair of skinny jeans is a fashion journey that shouldn't be taken likely. Before heading to the store, make sure to read the guide above.

Always try on your jeans before buying to make sure you have the best fit. Choose a color that works well with your closet. As you start styling the skinny jeans, remember: simple looks are clean looks. 

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