Black Jeans, Blue Jeans, and Beyond: Men's Denim Trends in 2021

Black Jeans, Blue Jeans, and Beyond: Men's Denim Trends in 2021

We've been wearing jeans since 1873, but they look and fit much differently now in 2021. Almost 150 years later the material, color, and cuts have changed, yet they are still versatile and a major component of fashion.

Fashion can be overwhelming, as what is seen as popular changes all too often for some people. Wondering whether black jeans or blue, skinny jeans or straight leg, dressy or ripped are in style? Fear not, we've got the updates that you need.

Cuts and Fits

Well, it would seem that jeans are a major part of the male wardrobe, this year. While checking out the latest cuts and fits there is something for everybody's body type and style preference. Straight-leg jeans might feel more comfortable if you don't like the relaxed fit or slim cut. 

If the look matters more to you than the feel, try different cuts on with shoes and a shirt to get the full effect. The deciding factor may be which shoe you choose to go with the jeans. Boots or high tops may need a wider leg than skinny fit jeans or straight leg gives you.

Trending Jean Colors

2021's colored jeans are varying from white to black, and everything in between. But, in muted colors. We are seeing vibrant printed shirts for men this year, however, the bottoms are not bold in colors. 

If you want bold bottoms, go with a pair that have something to say such as these crystal skull jeans. The pattern is hot and will catch the eyes of anyone passing by you.

Black Jeans 

Are black jeans hot for men in 2021? Yes, yet it is more of a jet black instead of faded black kind of year. As for the fit, the runway is giving us slim with a bit of stretch to pull off a skinny jean look, and also a relaxed fit that is a bit more versatile.

Black jeans are great because they go with just about any shirt or shoe. Blue jeans and colored jeans can't pull it off like black. If you like the ripped or destroyed look, 2021 is rocking that.

Blue Jeans

You know that a real classic never dies. Blue jeans are, and always will be in style- it is the original denim color. All over the blue spectrum from light blue to dark, and dress jeans to casual ripped with fashion statement patches. 

Age Appropriate Jeans

Men can pull off jeans at any age, really. As long as you feel comfortable and confident, that is all that matters. What are your favorite jeans look? 

Within the past few years, men of all ages have been adapting to the various jean trends. For example, everyone wears ripped jeans, which is no longer a younger generation thing.

Fashion Forward

Jeans are the solid foundation upon which fashion stands. They are part of our history, the trends of the year, and the fashion-forward way we move. Whether you are shopping for black jeans or blue, check out the latest styles with Platini Jeans.

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