Summer Styling for Men — The Quintessential Guide

Summer Styling for Men — The Quintessential Guide

Summer! The perfect weather for the beach, the poolside, hanging out in your shorts and t-shirt. But what about those times when you have to dress smartly? What can you possibly wear to the office, so that you don't end up getting hot and bothered? Well, although it might seen tricky, there are a few styling tips that you can use to be cool — in more ways that one. This summer style guide for men will show you everything you need to know. 

Know Your Fabrics

The first tip you need to know in summer styling for me, is fabric choice. Certain fabrics will make you sweat in a matter of minutes, while others breath and therefore allow you to remain cooler. For instance, polyester is a synthetic fabric which does not breathe and can be very uncomfortable when worn on a sweltering day. A much better option is to go with something natural. These will always be a cooler fabric that breathes better allowing hot air to escape from your body and cooler air to enter.

Enter Cotton

Cotton is the best choice for summer men's fashion, which you can find in shirts, trousers, t-shirts, and pants including chino style and jeans. The weave is tighter and is therefore a great option for shirts that you don't want to crease. A stylish semi-casual combo for men, is to wear a cotton t-shirt paired with smart trousers. 

Next Up is Linen

A summer style guide for men would not be completed without linen. This soft, natural fabric is made from the flax plant and is ideal in very hot, humid climates, due to its looser weave. It is also wonderfully comfortable. Shirts and trousers as well as thin blazers are made from linen, so you can still be smart, but not sweaty. Throw an unlined jacket over a simple short sleeve shirt and chinos and you have an instantly elevated look.

If you don't like your shirts or trousers to wrinkle or crease, there are plenty of cotton/linen blends, so you can get the best of both worlds.

Some Synthetics You Can Wear

Not all synthetics are terrible for summer, it just depends on how it was created. For example Tencel lyocell are fibers from wood pulp and is a substitute for silk. It is amazingly soft and comfortable, with a cool touch and wrinkle resistance. 

Let's Talk Colors and Patterns

Summer gives you the opportunity to play with fun patterns and brighter colors. If you are not into that, the best tip for summer styling for me is to just pick a shade or two lighter than your normal winter wardrobe. Remember dark colors absorb sunlight and can make you feel hotter. Light colors will reflect the light.

Think pale blue, pale green, light grey, white, cream, beige. If you are inclined to go bold, pick a geometric pattern or a fun print, such as watermelons. Even just a striped pattern or dots can add flair your summer wardrobe. With short sleeve shirts, fun prints are always a hit. 

These summer styling for men tips, will ensure that your summer styling leaves you looking and feeling fresh all day long, and you are able to pull of a well-rounded, stylish look in the process. 

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