Men's Skinny Versus Slim Jeans: The Difference and What to Wear When

Men's Skinny Versus Slim Jeans: The Difference and What to Wear When

Few articles of clothing are as popular as men’s jeans. They come in just about every conceivable format, from overalls and work jeans to fashion-minded designer jeans.

One question that many jeans shoppers have is the difference between men’s skinny jeans and men’s slim-fit jeans and what type of jeans a person should wear.

Here is a rundown on the skinny versus slim jeans question and some advice on how to choose the best jeans for your needs.

Slim Fit Jeans

Slim-fit jeans follow the general shape of your hips and legs. Whereas regular-fit jeans tend to not accentuate the wearer’s body, slim-fit jeans follow the shape of the wearer’s legs but still allow room for stretching and breathing.

To allow for form-fitting structure, slim-fit jeans are constructed of denim and durable, stretchy cotton material. This allows for a better fit and the wearer to pursue just about any activity they choose.

Currently, a boot fit is in style, but slim fit jeans come in all types of formats. This allows them to be worn with some shoes, boots and athletic shoes depending on the type of leg style the wearer prefers.

Skinny Fit Jeans

While slim fit jeans follow the contour of the wearer’s legs, skinny fit jeans hug to the contour of the leg and have a tapered leg pattern. This creates a fit that accentuates curves and creates a map of the wearer’s legs.

Skinny fit jeans are made of a denim-lycra mix fabric. The elasticity of the lycra helps prevent bagginess and is commonly thought of as “fitting like a glove.” Skinny fit jeans are not generally worn in extremely warm or humid weather, because the material does not breathe easily and traps body heat.

Skinny fit jeans get narrower from the hips to the end of the legs and the backside typically rides higher than with slim-fit jeans. Additionally, the crotch area is generally tighter. This all works together to make the legs look longer and leaner.

Which One Works When?

As with any jeans, the preference of the wearer should be the top priority, above all else.

Slim fit jeans, however, provide a tight, form-hugging fit that is still very comfortable and can breathe, which helps prevent over-heating. They allow for a mixture of style and comfort as well as ease of movement, including bending over and stretching.

Skinny-fit jeans are more stylish and are designed to both enhance and showcase the wearer’s body. The tapered look makes the wearer look leaner and sleeker. The tradeoff is that skinny jeans fit like a glove, can get hot and the tighter crotch can be uncomfortable.  

So, which is better? That depends on two things.

First, if you want a stylish but comfortable look, slim-fit is your choice. If you want a skin-tight look that showcases your body, skinny fit is the best option. As with all jeans, though, the deciding factor should be the type of jeans, skinny or slim fit, that makes you feel the most comfortable and confident.

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