How To Wear A Blazer With Jeans

How To Wear A Blazer With Jeans

Are you bored with the jeans and t-shirt look? Are you trying to up your style with a bit of sophistication? Well, you're not alone. Men's clothing sales are growing at a faster pace than women's sales and have been for the past 5 years or so. 

Why are men jumping into the fashion game? Maybe it's to advance a career. Maybe it's to look more attractive. Whatever the case, getting out of a pair of jeans and a t-shirt might change your look as well as your attitude. 

There are plenty of looks you could go for between a t-shirt and a suit. Do you like the idea of pairing a blazer jacket with jeans? When you wear a blazer with jeans, you're sporting a classic combo that mixes both smart and casual.

Keep reading to learn how to get your style on with a blazer with jeans.

Style a Blazer with Layering Options 

You've decided on a blazer and jeans, but what will you wear under your blazer? It depends on the occasion and the look you are trying to achieve. 

You can wear a dress shirt for a swankier look or make it more casual with a t-shirt, a henley, or a sweater. 

What Color is Best for a Blazer for Men with Jeans?

Jeans are pretty versatile when trying to coordinate color, but when pairing with a blazer, choosing the right color is critical. If you're trying to play is safe, navy is your best option. It goes with a wide range of shades of denim. 

A gray blazer is another great option. Whether you're matching up charcoal gray with a medium denim color or a light gray with dark jeans, that look works. 

Another great choice for a blazer with jeans is tweed. Tweed has some dimension and is a very sophisticated look that works well with denim. 

In the summer, consider a light taupe cotton blazer with a round neck tee and jeans. 

Dress It Up or Down

Whether you're dressing it up or dressing it down, it's important that your blazer fits well. If it's too loose, it'll look frumpy and out of place. If it's tailored too tight, it will look strange with jeans. 

For a dressy look, choose a button-down shirt with a pocket square. For a more casual look, pair it with a solid color t-shirt or sweater. 

Will You Wear a Blazer with Jeans at Your Next Outing? 

Now that you know how to style a blazer with jeans, are you ready to rock the style out on the town? Remember that some blazers are a little too formal for jeans so be mindful of the type of blazer you choose.

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