A Guide to Wearing Distressed and Ripped Jeans

A Guide to Wearing Distressed and Ripped Jeans

The popularity of ripped jeans has it roots even further back in the 1960’s when American teenagers took to wearing Rugged Jeans.

The ripped, and distressed denim trend is hotter than ever. With Hollywood taking the lead, infusing the streets with a wave of lightly distressed and shredded denim, the trucker-inspired clothing became the in thing. We've put together this epic guide to help you get the distressed denim look and look chic.

How to Wear Ripped Jeans

Before styling your jeans, it's important to choose the right type of ripped/distressed jeans for your body, style, and the type of event you're looking to attend. Ripped denim ranged in their level of distress from lightly torn jeans and shredded pairs to destroyed torn ones. While some pairs are great for a night out with the boys, an upscale party, or lounging at home, most distressed jeans don't classify as smart casual and are not suitable for the office.

Start With a Basic T-shirt

Worn with a simple black or white tee, ripped jeans can give you an edgy look regardless of the style you choose. Create contrast by pairing light wash jeans with darker t-shirts or vice versa. Accessorize with a cap or watch and your favorite silver necklace.

If you're going on a date or to a business launch event, swap out the tee for a dress shirt. A casual button-down shirt and some work boots or dress boots will have you turning heads at any event. Plain shirts work well but don't be afraid to spice it up with patterns or even denim shirts.

Layer it up With a Blazer

For lightly distressed jeans, you can add a sleek blazer to elevate your look for date nights or dressier occasions. Blazers pair really well with either t-shirts or dress shirts. For shoes, try on a pair of loafers or dress boots. You can also throw on a pair of high-end white or black sneakers depending on your plans for the day.

If blazers aren't your thing, opt for a suede or leather jacket. Black, tan and brown are the best colors to where with jeans. For colder months, try a longer jacket with a plain turtle neck.

From companies that sell conventionally splattered brands like JCrew and Lee, hardcore fashionable heads are going after washed jeans, noticeably the darker shades including black, dark blue, deep red and almost purple. For anyone brave enough to wear "royal blue," red and even pink will surely require special permission from the local jeans assesseur. As for colored jeans, the trends are thin and slim, with the zippers proving the most popular all season.

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