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Mens Fashion: Stylish Belts
By Betzaida Ruiz 10/11/2019 12:25 PM Comments

It’s very common that many men doesn’t care much about accesories but, you can be sure that belts are, definitely, one of the most important ones to combine with your clothes. As many guys can think, belts aren’t made just keep your pants up there, they can also add certain touch and style to every single outfit you try so, in today’s post, we would love to talk a little bit about this amazing accesory.

If there’s an accesory that can be tough to pick, the belt might be in the first three, and that’s because we can almost find a belt for every single ocassion. In order to help you get few nice belts to combine with your outfits, we are going to list the best we consider are out there.

Elegant Leather Belts

This belt is definitely, one of the most common and populars and, of course, a must have. Elegant leather belts can be wear with pleated pants to make the outfit look even more sophisticated, so be sure to always have your best mens dress belts in your closet.

An important advice: when you wear elegant leather belts for formal ocassions, make sure It’s thickness doesn’t exceed 4 cm, otherwise, the whole outfit will look casual.

Casual Leather Belts

These are more for those moments when we want to wear jeans or khaki pants. This belt it’s also a must have because it offers certain elegance and versatility to the outfits.

The best are those that have a nice matte finish and some details in the surface. Also, make sure the buckle it’s not so brighter to keep the look casual. If we give you the chance to pick between formal and casual outfits most will probably pick casual, so just a heads up, there are gorgeous branded belts for mens that fit perfectly with this style.

Braided Belts

If you are more the kind of man that like light outfits and still look distinguised, braided belts work nicely with jeans, khaki pants, linen shirts and loafers, which is a perfectly good combination. Also these belts can be combined with semi-formal outfits so be sure to have a least one of these in your closet.

Just in case, remember that this belts are made mostly out of leather or canvas and it really makes an impact in your look, so if the outfit you decide to wear is casual with loafers or semi-formal, make sure you pick one made with leather, again, just in case.

Canvas Belts

This is the perfect belt for sport outfits, mainly, because they are just comfortable and easy to put on. Out of all sport belts these are the best thanks that many are made not just with canvas but also leather details which also, make them perfect for some casual looks.

Canvas belts can be perfectly combined with short pants and jeans, although you can always try new outfits. If it makes you feel comfortable and stylish, then it works for you.

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