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How to Style the Washed Out Jean Look
By Hussein Ghacham 1/16/2017 8:04 AM Comments

Washed out jeans are a great alternative to traditional dark wash jeans. They come in varying shades; some are completely or only partially washed out, resulting in varying washes throughout the entire pant. Platini Jeans offers a wide selection of denim in varying washes that are sure to please everyones’ jean preferences.

Some people find it difficult to style washed out denim, particularly because these jeans are found to have the opposite of a slimming effect. But, with countless ways to style washed out denim, it’s simple to find a way that compliments your style and figure.


Wear them with white. Rocking a crisp white button-down shirt or t-shirt will help make the colors pop. This is best worn in the summer or springtime when light colors are replacing darker tones. You'll look completely put together, even if the only thing you did was throw on a white shirt. A classic white button-down shirt is the perfect option to achieve this crisp look.  

Wear denim on denim. Denim on denim is a controversial trend that has been shaking up the fashion world for the past few years. While your mom probably said never to wear a denim jacket with jeans, wearing a dark coloured jean jacket with your faded denim will give you an enviable street style vibe. Rock it with confidence, and you'll pull it off for sure.

Wear them with prints. If you’re worried about washed out jeans being too front and center, rock your denim with a bold patterned top. The graphic on top will draw the eyes upwards, balancing out the dramatic effect of the washed-out denim with an equally interesting top. The bold red floral dress shirt or a white and black printed pattern slim fit shirt from Platini are both excellent options for this look.

Wear them with bright colors. Sporting a bright shirt or jacket against washed denim will help make the bright colors stand out.  Since the color of the jeans is so faded, it means other colors are going to do all the talking. Try a shirt in bright purple or trendy orange to achieve this look.

Pair with leather. You can never go wrong with a good old leather jacket. Pair your washed out denim with a leather jacket for an edgy twist. While colors like black might be best suited for dark wash denim, wearing leather with a lighter pair will make the coloring of your denim really stand out. Plus, you'll look like a complete rock star. Add some shades and trendy combat boots for the perfect finish.

Rocking washed out jeans doesn't have to be intimidating- if anything, it should (and can be) great fun! Knowing what works for your personal style and what you feel best in is the key. Everything else is about playing with colors and patterns until you find a look that works.

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