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How to style a suit for different occasions
By Hussein Ghacham 1/20/2017 10:58 AM Comments

A stylish man can never go wrong with a well-fitting suit, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to know what type of suit is right for the occasion. There are more styles of suits than ever, and knowing when and where to wear each is essential.


Business Casual

Achieving the perfect balance of casual and business professional can be tricky, but it’s not impossible. Forgo the typical khaki and polo shirt combination, and rock a business casual look by incorporating a suit jacket or even a down-filled vest. Pair it with a classic dress shirt, basic chinos, or even a soft cashmere sweater for a pulled-together yet relaxed vibe.

Make sure the fabric is appropriate for the time of year. In winter opt for thicker jacket materials, such as wool twill, and go for more breathable materials in the warmers months.


For Date Night

Whether it’s a first date or you and your partner’s weekly date night, you want to make a good impression. A classic fitted blazer and dress pants combination is a safe option. Swap the slacks for a pair of denim, sans rips and holes of course, for a more casual option.

If you want to truly standout, consider showing off your personality and sense of style with a bold suit. Opt for a blazer or dress shirt in a bright hue or dramatic pattern to really get your date’s attention.


Formal Event

A formal event is the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone. While a black and white suit is a classic option, you don’t have to stick to a muted colour palette. Consider sporting a blazer in a bold hue, like a rich blue or striking red, that will surely turn heads. If you’re feeling even more adventurous, you can try a suit in a unique material or texture, like a velvet blazer or quilted leather blazer.

Don’t forget to complete your bold look with equally eye-catching accessories, like a trendy bowtie or tie in a brave pattern and some killer shoes.


For The Office

While you want to look polished and professional in the office, you also want your attire to make a statement about yourself. Give your classic grey blazers, slacks, and white dress shirts a break.

Experiment with different colours to give your style a fresh upgrade. You don’t need to go too bold. Simply rocking a navy or powder blue blazer is a fresh twist on typical office attire. Certain patterns, such as plaid and gingham, have a distinct office vibe, so don’t be afraid to work them into your ensemble.


Outdoor Event

Whether it’s a summer wedding or business dinner during the spring, warm weather is no reason to put your suits to rest. Opt for lighter materials to maximize breathability. Go for lighter colours and patterns, such as pastels and neutrals, which are trendier during the summer and spring seasons.

If you’re feeling bold, try a suit jacket in an unexpected fabric that is outdoors friendly, such as denim or leather. A sweater draped over your shoulders paired with a crisp button down is also an equally dressy option that has a distinct collegiate vibe.


Regardless of where you’re going, there are dozens of ways to style a suit that are unexpected and will show off your distinct sense of style. Discover the wide variety of suit jackets and pants at Platini Jeans to uncover what style of suit works for you.


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