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Keeping Stylish in the Winter
By Hussein Ghacham 12/8/2016 7:43 AM Comments

Dressing stylishly during the winter months is a challenge for even the most fashion-forward men. Looking fashionable takes a back seat to keeping warm during the frigid months, but cold weather is no reason not to look your best.


Learn to Layer

The more layers you’re wearing, the warmer you’re going to feel, so don’t be afraid to add an extra t-shirt under your button down or a chunky sweater to keep you warm and cozy. Wear a sweater over top of a bold dress shirt, V-neck sweaters work well for this look. The bolder the print, the more fashion-forward your outfit will be.


Feel the Fabric

Knowing what fabric you’re wearing is the key to keeping warm during the winter months. Fabrics like cotton, wool, denim, and leather will keep you extra toasty, so opt for clothing in these materials when it’s chilly outside. Completing your look with either a leather jacket or a thick hoodie is an effortless way to remain stylish and warm. Pair it with a basic black dress shirt or one with a more vibrant print for a quick, put-together look.


Add Accessories

Cold-weather accessories are probably the easiest and most stylish way to keep warm. Throw on a chunky, knit scarf or beanie to keep your head and neck toasty. Don’t forget to add a pair of mittens or leather gloves to keep your fingers warm. There is no end to the amount of options available for cold-weather accessories, so you should have no trouble finding one that matches your personal style.


Finishing Coat 

Your winter coat is important because, not only does it keep you warm, it makes a huge statement about your style. There are tons of coats available that won’t make you sacrifice style for warmth. Check out Platini Jean’s wide selection of outerwear to help you choose the best coat to match your style.


If anything is clear, it’s that you don’t have to sacrifice warmth for style- no matter how cold it may be! There’s no reason to be afraid to brave the cold weather (and world) in style. 

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