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A garment that will save you any time
By Betzaida Ruiz 10/5/2019 12:09 PM Comments

 A lot of men are not into fashion, and many more care even less about clothing trends, which is perfectly alright, you don’t need to know about it or be aware of what kind of shirt is the number one this season. But, what we all can agree about, is that we always have a garment that can help us looked dressed up without any effort, and that’s precisely what would love to talk about in today’s post.

For you, that garment may be your shirts, your collection of shoes (yes, men also love shoes, that’s not a women thing only) or the many T-shirts that you probably have but, what about mens jean? These can save us any time because these can be combined with so many clothes. We invite you to read until the end because, if you are one of those men that’s doesn’t care about fashion or styles, this post could be really helpful to you.


Is it posible? Of course it is. Jeans are so “flexible” that you can use them even for formal ocassions, the trick resides into what other clothes we wear to enhance the outfit. If you are attending to a formal or semi formal meeting wearing jean for men, a killer combination is using a black T-shirt (that’s right, a T-shirt), your best gray blazer and a nice pair of black dress shoes. For this little trick to work flawlessly, you need to make sure that the jean you wear is dark, try to avoid light blue jeans for formal or semi formal ocassions cause those are more casual.


Almost the same principle, but for work we need to put a little bit more of effort. Work place not necessarily demands a uniform, but what is almost mandatory for us, is to look nice. So in this case what we can do is to wear a nice black or grey jean, a white or black shirt and either a blazer or a nice dark grey vest and finally, black dress shoes, and pay attention to this part because it’s important: what will make this outfit really stand out is the hair style, so be sure to have the best one you can achieve.

This outfit looks great, and as you can see, the colors, garments and most of it is build around jeans for guys and clothes that we probably already have in our closet, so no excuses to look good.


Summer is the season to wear shorts, so normally, jeans wouldn’t be our first option. But actually, we can take advantage of this garment even in hot days. A nice thing to do with jeans in summer, is to take those that have seen better days and turn them into shorts. These are great specially if you are going to do domestic labors, like cutting the lawn, organizing things in the garaje or fixing your car. It’s a nice way to give some use to those clothes we don’t wear a lot and will make us feel really comfortable.

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