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Accessories: An Easy Way To Style An Outfit
By Hussein Ghacham 1/17/2017 11:53 AM Comments

Accessories can make or break an outfit; it’s one of the oldest and simplest styling rules, which you can incorporate into your daily looks by following Platini’s top tips.


Keep It Seasonal – Your choice of accessories should be highly influenced by the time of year – from what pieces you wear to what colors you choose. Let's face it; unless it's a sunny day, you should probably leave the sunglasses at home during the dull winter months. Instead, opt for a cool beanie hat or large scarf to add some style (and warmth!) to your look. Deep tones such as burgundy, golden brown and emerald green are great colors to choose for autumn/winter while fresher and lighter hues like orange, canary yellow, and cobalt blue are perfect for the warmer months.

All In The Details – The great thing about accessories is that, as a base, your outfit can be as simple as some black slim fit straight leg jeans and a cotton polo shirt, but when you add a stylish signature buckle belt, that's when the look comes together. Alternatively, ditch the black or gray tie and try a patterned one to inject a fun bit of detail to a work look. Remember, it's all in the details.

Make A Statement – At Platini, we love to stand out, but that does not mean wearing the brightest and boldest clothes all at once. You can easily make a statement with your choice of shoes. While everyone else opts for black or brown, why not jazz up your outfit with some silver dress loafers. Alternatively, try something new with our faux-croc dress loafers and draw the right kind of attention to your footwear.

Pop Of Color - While you may not want to invest in bright colored outerwear - which will dominate your entire look - accessories are the perfect way to add a bit of color to your outfit. Choose some red derby shoes; its color is sure to compliment most of the pants in your wardrobe while adding that needed pop of color. For a more subtle approach, try a bright blue belt, which will just catch people’s eye at the right moment. 

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