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Tips to Wear A Polo Shirt
By Betzaida Ruiz 10/13/2019 12:34 PM Comments

If you ask us what’s the most versatile top garment for men, our answer will be, most probably, polo shirts, and that’s because it’s so comfortable and elegant that can be brought in almost every outfit, no matter if it’s has to be casual, semi-formal or sport. Despite being a very nice and stylish garment, not every man knows how to combine it or which kind of outfits looks great with it and that’s why today’s post will offer you few tips to wear a polo shirt and make you look comfortable, sophisticated and trendy.

Before going to the outfit ideas, there are a couple of things you should know if you want to wear this amazing shirts. First, the colors, this is important and it’s has a lot to do with your skin tone. If you have clear skin the best colors for you are definitely, grey, brown, navy blue and beige. If you have dark skin instead, the colors that will suit you perfectly are white, blue and grey and finally, for people with brown skin, the colors pink, green, yellow and navy blue will look perfect.

When to Use a Polo Shirt

Mens polo shirts are perfect for almost any occasion (except formal), so they are perfect to use on a party with friends, going to the park, dinner with your date, etc. Any casual, sport or semi-formal outfit can stand out with this garment.

Best Pants and Shoes to Combine with Polo Shirts

The best thing about polo shirts is that they can fit perfectly with any style of pants, can be either way short pants, jeans, linen trousers etc. It really depends on the occasion and how comfortable or dressed up you want to look.

About the shoes, loafers, derbies, sport shoes, boat shoes and even boots look great with this shirts, so feel comfortable to pick the one that fits you better or make feel more comfortable.

Outfit Ideas to Wear a Polo Shirt

Now, the part you were waiting for, the outfit ideas. We recommend you to take a look into your closet, because you may want to update some garments by going to your best place to buy clothes online,because you will love the ideas we prepared for you.

Polo Casual Suit Outfit

Although many people think polo shirts are more sport that anything, you actually can wear it with a nice casual suit and look elegant. A nice blue or black polo shirt with a grey suit, loafers, a belt and a watch to combine with it will give that je ne sais quoi that will put all the eyes on you.

Polo Sport Look

This is one of our favorites and it’s because this outfit offers so much comfort and still looks so stylish that it just can’t be missed out. Combine a white polo shirt, your best khaki shorts, boat shoes or loafers, a brown belt and your favorite sunglasses and you are set.

Casual Summer Outfit

Another great outfit idea for the summer. This time it’s time to wear a blue polo shirt with linen trousers or chinos, a brown belt, your best pair of brown loafers and and your favorite sunglasses plus a watch to combine and you are good to go.

Classy but Sporty

This outfit is other of our favorites because it combines two elements that we consider vital in any look: comfort and elegance. That’s why wearing a white polo shirt with dark denim trousers, a belt, loafers and a cardigan (preferibly brown these last three garments) will give you a classy and trendy appearence.

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