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5 Ways to wear a plaid shirt this Fall
By Betzaida Ruiz 9/29/2019 11:52 AM Comments

It might be considered as a very casual trend, but there’s a reason why the mens fashion plaid shirts are so useful. In the first place, they are very easy to get, so you can always have at least 3 or 4 of these in your closet. In the second place, and more importantly, they are so combinable with almost every single clothe you wear.

Fall is a time were so many people take advantage of this garment and try as many trendy outfits as they can, so if you are looking for some nice combinations to wear this Fall, you must read this post until the very end. We promise, you won’t regret.

The Casual Way

 Yes, it’s kinda obvious. One of the most popular and nicest ways to wear this shirts are the casual way. ¿What does that even mean? You my ask, and the answer is very simple: in combination with a nice classic jean or a distressed one (may be blue or black) and your best pair of converse shoes. It’s a very simple and comfortable outfit to wear during the Fall.

 If you don’t have these kind of garment in your closet, you can always try to refresh it getting some new clothes. There are some mens fashion clothing online cheap, that you can get without hitting so hard on your wallet.

With a nice Vest

 You can find plaid shirts vest-like. These are very cool, specially if you have some nice tattoos you wanna show off. If these ones are not of your taste you can wear a classic plaid shirt (burgundy, blue or green) with a nice naylon vest. And don’t worry, you won’t look like if you are going fishing or something. It’s a very cool looking outfit that will call the eye of quite a few ladies. Promised.

Over a T-Shirt

This is one of the most casuals outfits for the Fall. And there’s a good reason it is so succesful: looks so great. If you are one of those men that complains a lot because don’t know how to combine your clothes, then keep this outfit in mind because it’s very simple and easy to achieve. Using an open plaid shirt over a white T-shirt and a blue, black or even white pants plus your best sunglasses will make your worthy of being in a magazine cover.

Around the Waist

Wait! what? Isn’t that kinda girly? Well… no. Sometimes wearing a piece of garment doesn’t mean you have to use it in the “conventional” way. Take the last outfit we listed for you, but instead using the plaid shirt open over a white T-shirt, just put it around your waist, kinda like a cowboy holster. The result will be a very trendy and good looking outfit, specially if you are going out with a girlfriend. Believe us, they love it!

With a Jacket

Last but not least. This outfit is great because you can wear it during the Fall but also Winter. All you need is a plaid shirt, a nice jacket (those with fur around the hood look particularly nice), a pair of boots and some jeans and you will achieve a very attractive and functional casual outfit for the Fall/Winter.

It’s actually not so complicated to get some nice outfits, right? Don’t worry, we have plenty ideas to change for good the way you look at your closet.

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