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Mens Dress Shoes and it's Importance
By Betzaida Ruiz 10/9/2019 12:03 PM Comments

Footwear is one of the key ingredients in mens fashion, and this is because of the elegance they can provide to formal outfits. These days it’s almost mandatory for any man to have at least a pair in the closet but, why are mens dress shoes so important? Keep reading today’s article to find it out.

Before going onto the main topic, we consider pertinent to talk a little bit about the different models of dress shoes. These are not posted in a particular order, so don’t think about them as best or worst, it really depends on your taste for shoes and the ocassion.

Also, if you need but doesn’t have any of the shoes we are listing for you, remember that the most comfortable, not to say the best place to buy mens dress shoes  is online because of the great deals you can get.

OXFORD: elegant shoe that stand out thanks to its shoelace eyelets attached under the vamp. These model is one of the best to have, specially for wearing a morning dress or a tuxedo.

BROGUE: this low-heeled shoe is characterized mainly, by the many decorative perforations in the sewing. You can wear brogue shoes also with a morning dress or your best suit.

MONKS: the only model without lace in this list, this shoe is perfect for formal and semi formal outfits. It stand out thanks to the straps and buckles that, other than securing the shoe on your feet, also works as a decorative accesory.

DERBY: in contrast with the Oxford shoe, the Derby shoelace eyelets are attached to the top of the vamp. This model is perfect for going to the office thanks to it’s semi-formal style so, if you need to shop mens shoes that can be nice and elegant and also cheap, a Derby may be the one you need.

Now that we know about mens dress shoes, let’s talk a little bit about it’s importance in mens fashion:

They Are a Symbol of Fashion and Good Taste

Definitely, sometimes just by the footwear we can tell about people’s taste in fashion. And historically, shoes always represented wealthyness and a high social status which, actually, haven’t change too much with time.

Having Quality Dress Shoes Denotes Sophistication

Men are known to have very basic taste in fashion, and that ‘s somenthing women can tell really fast (remember they pay attention to every detail), so having a stylish pair of dress shoes will make you look like a more sophisticated man, which axiomatically, will make you look attractive.

Can Make the Difference in a Job Interview

It sounds crazy, but yeah, people that have the responsability to hire for a company share something with women: they pay attention to every single detail in the people that’s running for a job, and not just your skills but also your appearence, so make sure your suit and very important, your shoes, are up to.

Make Sure to Invest in Quality Shoes

This is one of the most important investments a person can make. It’s unbelievable how key this garment is for mens fashion, but not only for the fashion itself but, for the connections you can get by just looking good and distinguished, and this can be in personal or labor relationships.

So keep in mind, shoes are very important, and not just to have a personal style but, for telling people your interests, profession and even your life style.

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