Blog - Men’s Frangance: Is it important?

Men’s Frangance: Is it important?
By Betzaida Ruiz 10/3/2019 12:27 PM Comments

When it comes to personal care, women are way ahead of us (obviusly right?), but don’t trick yourself, for men it’s also very important to pay attention to those details. In order to have a nice and attractive appareance, clothing is a very important part in our lives but, what about fragance? Well that’s precisely what we want to talk about in this post, because maybe our smell tells more to people about us than our outfits do, so let’s take a look.

Some may think that fragance for men are just a coquetry thing, and if you are one of those men, we have to say it: you are wrong, friend. But hey, before you jump onto us let us explain why is so important to always have mens cologne fragance and we will, most probably, change your mind about it.


Although many men think they are so rude and don’t care about how other perceive them, the truth is that they care, and a lot by the way. How we know? Let’s picture this scene: you are with friends, it’s a sunny day and you start sweating. Suddenly, you perceive a funny smell coming out of you. How do you feel about yourself in that moment? Not quite good, right? You feel embarrased and just want to go home.

Having a nice smell doesn’t have to do at all with coquetry (maybe in some cases), but it just improves your confidence while you are among other people, and if something have proved to be the key for good relationships, it is confidence and self esteem. So, if a fragance can help you improve that, why wouldn’t you use it?


This is a the truth, 100%. And pay attention to this one because it’s not just about ladies. A well dressed man that also have a nice smell, does look really good, even if the person doesn’t have the main features that define how an attractive man “should look” (hight, golden hair, perfect nose, etc), those atributes are just standards imposed by a superficial society. But, a man that knows how to dress up, has a good language and of course, smells good, will be noticed by many people, that could be ladies, peers or that person that is going to interview you for your dreamed job.


This is so true. Some people, specially women, use a fragance depending on how they feel that day, or just pick one so they can feel comfortable no matter what. We don’t say that you need 100 fragances but at least, try to have with you your best mens fragance, specially those days that you might be quite stressed.


Having a nice smell while being with friends or your girlfriend will make you way more funny and outgoing, so keep it in mind, this is just one more reason to use a nice fragance even in a hard day. Nobody wants to hang out with a grumpy, and for God’s sake, life is wonderful, so go out and enjoy it.

So, did we change your mind about mens fragance?

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