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Top Fashion Trends this 2019
By Betzaida Ruiz 10/17/2019 12:55 PM Comments

2019 has been a year full of fashion trends, and it’s amazing how getting nearly the end of the year, tendencies continue to come out. For today’s post we would like to present you the top men fashion styles for this 2019 in case you are looking for some inspiration and ideas for new outfits.

Remember, this ideas can be wore even if the season already past, and if it works for you of course, so don’t worry if you want to try some summer trends, for example, and keep in mind that you can take the trends listed for you in this post and adapt it to the season we currently are by adding seasonal garments to make it perfect.

Khaki, The New Black

This year khaki is everywhere. This spectacular tone can be easily combined and that’s the main reason it has been one the favorites this 2019. Mens slim fit khaki pants, cargo pants, khaki blazers and shoes are really popular this year.

Shirts, Shirts and more Shirts

Original shirts are also one of the most seen this year. The best to try on are those retro western shirts, the ones with very uncommon patterns, without any buttons to wear over a nice T-shirt and of course the classic White shirt to combine with any outfit.


This year the trend for shorts has been very popular. Men have taken advantage of this nice garment to show off their legs and of course, keep it comfortable. Combined with T-shirts, polo shirts and even blazers you can get a great outfit.

Fully Combined Outfits

Another trend that has been very popular this year. Wearing pants that make a whole with the shirt is a very comfortable and fast way to get dressed up this year. If you try whole garment with prints, make sure these are minimalistic to keep it nice and simple.

Beach Shirts are Coming Back

This style of shirts are coming back this year. And although some men may not like it a lot, it actually looks great with certain combinations. A nice beach shirt combined with dark jeans, a nice haistyle and you best aviator sunglasses and you are set. Yes, it looks kinda like a Nicholas Cage outfit, but it really looks great.

Neon Colors

Specially neon Orange. Neon took the streetstyle this year. Colors like yellow, green and red are everywhere. Try nice simple outfits combining at least a neon garment to stay trendy this year. And also if you want to keep it oldschol, try the oversized sports wear to resemble the 90's rave parties and the Fresh Prince style.

Trench Coats

An elegant and nice looking trend. Trench coats are getting most of the attention, so if you want to try this style take advantage of this Fall to bring up some outfits using this garment. Try to combine it with grey T-shirts and a nice pair of sneakers.

Tie-Dye Style

This is also a trend that gained so much popularity this year, the tie-dye patterns are a great style to try out some urban outfits.

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