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How to achieve a country outfit in four simple steps
By Betzaida Ruiz 9/27/2019 10:14 AM Comments

Most men doesn’t like to admit it, but let’s face it, the mens country western fashion is quite interesting. Mainly, because it resembles the old cowboy times, where saloons, outlaws, and the toughness of the desert had place. But also, because western style clothes are very comfortable, and yes, manly. Sometimes we may think that adopting a western style may feel, let say… ridiculous, but that’s because we might not live in a western state; however, consider this: you don’t need to wear a hat, a bolo tie and a whip to actually feel you are showing off some country fashion.

In this article we are going to talk a little bit about the most basic clothes you can add to your closet in order of having few nice outfits that will make you look very western, manly, and comfortable without feeling you are dressed up for a costume party.



Being able to wear and enjoy a country outfit is everything but impossible. The nicest thing about this style, is that it allow us to use the most basic and affordable clothes. Pants are the most important and easy garment we will require to dress up country. You sure have more than one men jeans in your closet, so we need to start with that. Make sure your pants are not tied in the legs so you can wear a nice pair of boots (although trekking footwear can work too if you don’t like country boots).

The best option in this case are dark jeans, so we can combine nicely with a shirt. See? So far, showing off some country fashion is not difficult at all.



Here’s where things are going to get really interesting because shirts are the most country garment of the whole outfit. For this part, we think the best thing to do is to try a nice shirt with some embroidery, but don’t get scared, you don’t need to look like Woody from Toy Story; there are very nice shirts country style that will make you look really good. If you are not convinced to the idea, you can always use a plaid shirt and you are good to go.



This part is the main reason many men doesn’t try to wear country outfits. Some people make fun of the boots because they are quite big and have a non “modern” look. But hey, having a style does not have to do just with the clothes, the attitude is the key, actually. So, if you like your boots try it on and show off your outfit.

If you don’t have the country boots and still want to wear at least a soft country style, you can always use trekking boots.



This accesory is really important and it’s because of it, that the “country style” stands. A country leather belt (or a syntethic leather belt if you are vegan) will be enough. A nice and big buckle will enhance our outfit for sure, so try to get the most western you can find. How about it? You are just wearing a nice country western style without looking like you were taken out of a Clint Easwood movie.

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