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Idea for a comfortable and yet formal outfit
By Betzaida Ruiz 10/1/2019 9:20 AM Comments

Although most men claim to be easy on how they pick their outfits, the truth is that we can also get a little bit stressed if we don’t feel quite good to go. It happens with every single thing related to our personal appearence, from our hairstyle to how we look dressed up. And let’s be honest, it’s completely normal. Who on the earth wants to look bad? Or who wants to feel uncomfortable with it’s clothes? That’s right, nobody, and that’s why we are thinking about more and more ways to make you feel comfortable with your outfits. So we are bringing you an idea to dress up formal without feeling you are using to much garments.

Normally, if you need to attend to a meeting, formal or semi-formal party or just a going on a first date, we think a little too much, and that’s precisely one of the reasons we tend to feel over dressed. If you want to be ready for any formal or semi-formal ocassion this outfit idea will make you look perfect, and the best thing is that you can abuse of it by making few alterations. Let’s take a look.


Yes! This is our secret weapon. When we think “formal outfit” the first thing that jumps to our minds are tuxedos or some kind of suit that requires a lot of garments, but not anymore. Even a blazer can, sometimes, make us feel over dressed so we are going to exchange that with mens formal wear vests, and believe it, your life is going to change for ever. Using one of this is the just perfect because is just so comfortable and nice looking, that will improve the rest of our outfits, it just works!

The best color we can suggest you to get is grey. Why? Well, it’s because your can easily combine that color with any other. Other colors that works just fine with vests are black and dark green.


Once you get the perfect vest, the shirt will take second place. It has to be unicolor to make the outfit look sober and “formal”. It’s important that the shirt has long sleeves and if you are thinking about it, just forget that, for this particular outfit you don’t need a tie.

If you don’t have any decent shirt, take a look at mens online fashion stores, some of them have excellent deals.


Definitely! If you are attending to a formal meeting, a first date or party, it’s probably important to you so shoes are key. You already know it, the footwear needs to be perfect and good looking, that's completely right, but don’t forget, it also HAS TO BE COMFORTABLE.

If something can make us lose focus or the track of a conversation it’s uncomfortable shoes, not to mention that the pain after can be awful.


This is an easy one. Wearing a nice shirt with a formal vest on top gives us the 50% of a perfect outfit, the other 30% goes to the pants. Be careful, these can't be wide or your shape will look quite funny. Proportion is very important, so we are not gonna let that slip away.


We have the 80% of the outfit already set. So, what do we need to complete it? That’s an easy question, and the answer is really important: a nice hairstyle and the of course, your best fragance. It’s said, that sometimes, a thing that makes people have a nice impression of you it’s not just about how you look but also, how you smell. We recommend you to use your top mens fragance to make your comfortable, simple, yet formal outfit 100% complete.

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