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Best Accesories in Mens Fashion
By Betzaida Ruiz 10/7/2019 8:55 AM Comments

When talking about fashion the first thing that come to our minds it's probably clothes and shoes, but the truth is, that there’s more than these two garments in mens fashion. Some are very obvious for many of you and others may surprise you. Today’s post will be focused on those accesories that although may not be relevant for some men, are excellent to enhance our outfits and overall, make us look really elegant.

Vests and Ties

Vests and Ties are particularly great because with these we can look really dress up no matter what and, the best about this accesories, is that can be found in nice designs and colors to satisfy every taste. Mens formal vests and ties are the most bought and that’s because help us dress really elegant without using to many garments (which can be quite uncomfortable).


Some outfits can work around one or two accesories, such as belts. For people that love the western country fashion, these are fundamental, specially the buckle. For those that like the geek style, using extravagant belts define most of their outfits. Belts are also very important in formal clothing because of the balance they can contribute the whole look. Definitely, one of the best accesories.


Socks are kinda obviuos, but what some men ignore, is that there’s a right sock for every outfit. If you are one of those that wear a tuxedo with your Pokémon socks, you are doing it wrong, friend. This accesory is not the most important one, but definitely important.

Mens Braces

These are particularly elegant. Men braces are, just like vests, an accesory that can make a simple outfit look great. And it can work perfectly with casual and formal clothing so be sure to have at least 2 pairs in your closet.


Cufflinks are so precious, it’s impossible to not love these. No matter how small an accesory can be, if it fits in the right place can enhance any outfit and make us look elegant. Cufflinks are really important, so try to own at least a pair. And don’t worry, there are tons of designs and colors for every ocassion.

Beret Hat

Maybe not the taste of many, but we can all agree, that beret hats are very distinguish thanks to that bohemian style they resemble. If you know how to combine these properly, you can even wear one with a suit (seriously) and look amazing.


Last but not least. Sunglasses are not fundamental, but what it’s completely true, is that they do enhance any outfit by so much. It’s amazing how even in our worst clothes, a nice pair of sunglasses can make us look nice, and even trick people into a completely new and original style. Who knows? Maybe some fashion trends actually were succesful thanks to a pair of glasses and not  precisely the outfit.

The best of this accesory is that every single man probably have one, so it’s great to give that touch of personality in every look you decide to try.

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